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Artistic Statement

For me art like life is a journey of discovery. It is in the doing that I find true enlightenment and joy. To me the creative process is the most sacred and spiritual of experiences. It is while I am in my studio painting when I feel my deepest connection to the divine. I feel as if I am an instrument of the “Eternal Creative Spirit”. It is this force that both inspires and guides me. In the act of creation I am not alone, as I believe my gifts and my power come from this greater source, higher power, and are not merely an invention of my own mortal creative ambitions – conscious or subconscious.

I hope the experience of viewing my work will have a similar effect. And act as a catalyst for viewers of my work... To spark their imaginations with what I call the “Eternal Creative Spirit”, to get them to think, to feel and to engage in their own personal conversation with my work. And hopefully make a connection with the divine spirit that dwells in and around us all. I hope to help carry the torch of the artistic spirit, especially that of Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism for the next generation.

- Robert James Kelly

That being said, my philosophy and approach is similar in many ways to that of the Surrealists and Abstract Expressionists. I plan to continue with my "Spirit" paintings, and help to further explore them by creating a series of larger horizontal compositions approximately four feet tall by eight to twelve feet. Through this physically lengthening I hope to create a sense of movement as one travels past each piece, as well as, increasing the dialogue and potential for the emotional connection to build between the art and the viewer.

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