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2006ex6 Spirit Painting
Title: 2006ex6
Oil on Canvas.
10" X 8". $449.00
2006ex5 Spirit Painting
Title: 2006ex5
Oil on Canvas.
10" X 8". $449.00
2006ex4 Spirit Painting
Title: 2006ex4
Oil on Canvas.
10" X 8". $449.00

2006ex3 Spirit Painting
Title: 2006ex3
Oil on Canvas.
10" X 8". $449.00
2006ex2 Spirit Painting
Title: 2006ex2
Oil on Canvas.
10" X 8". $449.00
2006ex1 Spirit Painting
Title: 2006ex1
Oil on Canvas.
10" X 8". $449.00

Each act of creation for me is a celebration of my gifts.

My paintings are alive with Spirit. They have a presence, an inner glow, an atmosphere about them that can not be dimmed even by the darkest of rooms. My specific choice of paint application, color and composition are all original. They are of my own hand and mind.

I hope my work inspires and engauges your imagination. rjk

One might say I am employing elements of many of my heroic predacessors. The diagonals of Paul Cezanne, the verticals of Clyford Still, and the horizontals of George Morrison. These are compliments all. As I am sure that I am, as well as, other Surrealist and Abstract Expressionist techniques.

All Art is sold unframed unless otherwise noted in the description.

Paintings from this series reflect my interpretation of universal forms and systems observed in nature and translated into my personal visual language. The key elements that I am focused on are; the play of light and shadow, positive and negative, surface and atmosphere and the edges that integrate and define them. Please see my artistic statement.

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The default postage* calculation added to each purchase is intended to ONLY cover the postage for small pieces and unframed works on paper.

* $5.50 US and $10 INT

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Add the shipping costs to your winning auction bid and send the total to me to complete your purchase and receive your new art. If you have questions feel free to ask.

Additionally, Shipping and Handling charges are not refundable. In event the Collector wishes to return a piece they will be expected to pay for return frieght and insure the piece.

Thank you for stopping by.

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